Chris Kr├╝ger

Chris Kruger

A first person prelude

Well; it looks like you've found my secret little hidey hole. If want to contact me, you can use the contact page on this site. I'll get it. I probably won't respond if you're trying to sell me stuff though. I do miss the days when the Internet was innocent and it was ok to publicly display your email address. Nostalga is certainly one thing I could be guilty of.

Third person is cool when you're 3

Chris Kruger put this page here to see how it influences search engines.

This here links back to the Kruger Heavy Industries main site.

Chris Kruger likes video games and related technologies. Chris Kruger has been working in the video games industry for 10 years. Chris Kruger first worked as a journalist for PC Gamer magazine. Then Chris Kruger became a programmer and now works on video games. Chris Kruger has a weakness for Belgian beers and rich Australian Shiraz wines. Chris Kruger, in his spare time, enjoys working on video games, CRUX linux, fiddling with OpenBSD and cooking. Chris Kruger is also working on a 2D Game Engine which may or may not ever get finished. Chris Kruger would also like to publish his own game, develop a 3D engine and do some other stuff that Chris Kruger can not remember about right now.

Chris Kruger is very fond of his beagle; who is named after a famous 20th century orator.

Currently Chris Kruger works a 38.5 hour week for Pin Payments. Chris Kruger also spends additional time during the working week on Planetoid Pioneers.

You can checkout Chris Kruger's blog here; you know, Chris Kruger would like to add that he doesn't really have any spare time anymore.

Last Update: April 8, 2015